Current Draft List

Tasting Room

  • The tasting room porch is closed for the season. Please visit us downstairs in the brewery/cidery!
  • Winter hours Thursday-Friday 4pm-9pm, Saturday 11am-9pm, Sunday 11am-7pm
  • Park in the lot by the loading dock and enter through the white garage door.
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*Made with ingredients grown at Indian Ladder Farms

We also have single cans and 4-packs of Daniel Driscoll Pale Ale* available, as well as 64 oz growlers and 32 oz crowlers of select draft beers.

Our Beers

  • Black Gold ILF Porter*
  • Black Gold ILF Porter* aged in an Albany Distilling Bourbon barrel
  • Blue Campbell Blueberry Belgian Dubbel* collaboration with C.H. Evans Brewing Co.
  • Breakfast For Champions American Stout* - 7% ABV - farmstead stout featuring big chocolate notes, made with barley, rye, wheat, and corn.
  • Cask - Nikolai IPA* dry-hopped with Kohatu
  • Cask - Understudy IPA* dry-hopped with Azacca
  • Daniel Driscoll Pale Ale*
  • Dr. Paul Matthews IPA* - Brewed in collaboration with C.H. Evans Brewing Co.
  • Dubbel Cherry Saison*
  • ILF Farmstead Abbey*
  • I Love NY Hop Juice IPA*
  • Lion's Tooth Farmhouse Ale*
  • Liquid Reuben American Sour Ale* -    6.5% ABV - sour ale drawing inspiration from a classic Berlinerweisse, this beer combines the tartness of a berlinerweisse with the spiciness and phenolic character of a rye-dominant beer, lightly spiced with orange peel, coriander, and grains of paradise.
  • Nugget Juice IPA*
  • Nugget Juice II DIPA* - 6.8 ABV - Second rendition of a beer that started on the premise of designing a New England style DIPA using only hops grown at ILF/NYS (no fancy hops). However this round includes the addition of Eureka hops, a newer hop that is a special favorite of the brewers at ILF that we hope to grow. Fret not, there is still plenty of Nugget added which grows in abundance at ILF as well as the 6 other varieties of ILF hops that are part of this great beer.
  • Nugget Juice 3*
  • Red Poppies of Passchendale Flanders Red Ale* - ~7 ABV - Brewed in the “Belgian Style”, this is the first of our barrel-aged Solera program. Here, our “Flanderish” sour ale was aged in a Merlot barrel with a mixture of critters and then a portion is blended with fresh, un-aged beer. The result is a symphony of flavors with complex characteristics commonly lacking in other simple sour-type beers. Look for moderate sourness balanced out by maltiness from Vienna and Munich Malts as well as sweetness from a substantial amount of Belgian Specialty malts. Sorry hop fans, this beer is all about the evolution of the microorganisms and only has a small addition of Brewer’s Gold grown at ILF. This is a continuing project that we are patiently waiting to see how it develops over time.
  • Red Poppy Seed Flanders Red Ale* (base beer used in our solera program, Red Poppies of Passchendaele)
  • SMASH Orange Chocolate Stout* collab. with The Brewery at the Culinary Institute of America
  • Strawberry-Rhubarb Wild Ale* - 5.75 ABV - This beer is part of a continuing “wild” series which was one of the first beers brewed at ILF. As an un-aged wild beer, it is designed to be light and refreshing, highlighting the addition of strawberries and rhubarb with a mild tartness. The sweetness from the fruit complements the unique characteristics from our wild yeast cultured off blueberries grown in the orchard. A farmhouse style ale with a simple grain bill of ILF grown barley and a substantial amount of wheat. With an abundance of fruit found on the farm, keep a lookout for future beers of similar style as the seasons change. 
  • Tastes Like Upstate Harvest IPA* - Brewed in celebration of New York State's fall harvest. 50% of the grain bill was ILF grown and malted Synergy pale malt and un-malted oats, complimented by German Munich malt. NY grown Centennial, Cascade, Chinook & Nugget hops give the beer a fruity, spicy aroma, with a balanced bitterness to match the rich malty flavor. This beer was brewed in collaboration with Interboro Ales & Spirits.
  • Understudy India Pale Ale* - A dank and hoppy IPA crafted from ILF hops and barley, as well as Eureka hops from Yakima Valley, WA. Brewed in collaboration with Chatham Brewing.

Guest Beers